About us

Monstar Media.


A child who dreamed of becoming a drama producer grew up

became a PD with 9 years of broadcasting experience

Thinking of new creative values in line with the turbulent media flow.

Founded Monsta Media on November 7, 2016.


Produces various genres of videos, from corporate promotional videos to broadcasting programs

Monstar Media, which has established itself as a local video production company,

In August 2019, we took a new step as Monstar Co., Ltd.


 The contents of MONSTAR Co., Ltd. are not contents that anyone can do.

Melt the story of the world that tastes like flesh

Create content that is fun to watch.


 Monstar Co., Ltd. is making a new history.

The record for overseas export of web dramas for the first time in the Chungnam region

Our expertise in web content creation

It was an opportunity to prove the pioneering spirit to expand the field.


 Monster Co., Ltd. still has a lot to talk about.

Not only web drama, web entertainment, webtoon,

As a pioneer of Anygraphic, we will lead the new video trend of web content.





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